Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

Cold Extraction Organic Oil

Extra virgin olive oil of superior category obtained directly from organic olives from the farm El Poblet only by mechanical procedures, produced in a traditional way.

The olive oil of El Poblet is an Extra Virgin oil, of first extraction in cold, by exclusively mechanical procedures in continuous ecological. Our oil is certified organic (number CV 1464) and our olives have never been in contact with pesticides, herbicides or other unnatural products.

Virgin and extra virgin olive oil is a pure natural fruit juice, without any additives of any kind.


Variety: Coupage Picual / Arbequina


Quantity discount

1 – 5 Bottles = 11,5€ ud
6 – 11 Bottles = 8,11€ ud
12 – 100 Bottles = 6.5€ ud


Product description

There's as much to see in an olive tree as in the rest of the world.You just have to take the time to see how the time was given to help us live.This is an extra-potent olive oil with a nose for its different aromas of green apple, tomato leaves and black radish.In the mouth, a succession of aromas and flavours that appear progressively: the sweetness of hazelnut with light touches of butter, giving way to tomato leaf and green apple, to reach green lettuce and black radish with hints of green pepper.Today the intensities of bitterness and acidity are high.The powerful spiciness and persistent burning that can be appreciated in the aftertaste reveals a high content of phenolic components that are beneficial to health.Its chemical structure makes it an excellent preservative.ACIDITY: 0,32PEROXYDE INDICE: 1,31K270: 0,13K232: 1,51GREEN TASTE: MEDIUMBITTER TASTE: MEDIUMMEDIUM PUNGENTSTABLE PREPARATION PRELIMINARY OPERATIONGood pairing with both fresh bread and toast.In pastry making: To flavour pasta and desserts.In marinades: Such as meat carpaccio, scallop...Brush on grilled meats.CULINARY APPLICATIONWith cooked vegetables such as tomato, carrot, aubergine, zucchini, with legumes (lentils, stews...), with blue fish papillote such as salmon, tuna or trout.With meat or fish tartar.With white and red meats (lamb, ox, pork...) and with starches such as potato, pasta or rice.FINISHING OPERATIONSprayed on the white cheese.Dressing of pasta, rice, cooked fish, pizzas, also on cooked, steamed or grilled vegetables.Be inspired by the combination of flavours announced above.FROM A TIME TO THIS PART THE VIRGIN OLIVE OILS HAVE SURPASSED SCENARIO OF THE MEDITERRANEAN KITCHENA 100% natural fruit game that defies time...A production of the Mediterranean culture.With multiple applications: Culinary, domestic, religious, therapeutic, cosmetic.Scientifically proven to be good for your health. The richest oil in oleic acid (AGM') and low in saturated fatty acids.Effects: reduction of bad cholesterol (HDL), reduction of the risk of heart and coronary diseases. Reduction of hypertension and insulin consumption for type II diabetes, helps fight arteriosclerosis. Rich in essential fatty acids (PUFA): omega 6 and omega 3.Rich in antioxidants: Vitamin E, K, phenols such as secoiridoids, lignans and flavonoids.Effects: Slows down skin aging, protects against certain cancers such as breast, colon and prostate. Aids in bone growth, in a blood coagulation, antimicrobial, inflammatory protection.Exclusive due to the influence of the characteristics of each variety of olive, of the soil, of the deployment of technical, human and financial means.Ancient in human nutrition.Recognizable by its structure, by the balanced fruit combination and by its intensity.Attractive to the kitchen for the diversity of its organoleptic qualities.For consumption both raw and cooked.Use it in culinary preparations, culinary applications or as a finishing touch to dishes.


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